Sunday, December 27, 2015

Favorite Expressions from a Five-Year Old

I haven't been as good at documenting my favorite sayings from my youngest child, as I have with my first born. Isn't that always the way of things? My mom, after all, cannot find her photo album of my baby pictures, and I'm the third child.

And so, here are some of my favorites...

1. Mama, I'm listening to yu-zick (music).
2. Can you warm up my feety-feet and piglets? (feet and toes).
3. I have an ouch-y (ouwee).
4. Itchy mama, itchy (when clothes are too small)
5. DADDYYYYY, Bring mama her coffee! (When I'm still in bed)
6. Mama 4 more minutes okay? Then I can come in and snuggle wif' you. (At bedtime)
7. Do I have school today? No? Then I'm staying in my pajamas.
8. Do I have bow-yay? (ballet).
9. Look daddy, a noogie caw! (Smart Car - no one knows where she got that name).
10. I miss Tico (Tico was what Lily nicknamed Assante, our dog. We put her down a few weeks ago).

My princess

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