Monday, December 23, 2013

Dodo's Christmas Date Cake

Day 10: My sister found a recipe from our aunt and sent photos to me. I made the following changes:

1. Instead of 2 tsp of butter, I added 2 tblsp of butter
2. After boiling the dates, I let them cool and then added the dates after adding all of the spices and alternating with flour, 1 cup at a time. 
3. Put in a bundt or angel food cake pan.
4. Baking time was over an hour for me at 325 degrees (at my folks house).

Dodo's Christmas Date Cake

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back in Savannah

We had a marvelous stay in Savannah again this past Spring. This trip, we met some old friends who now live in Virginia - they drove 9 hours to meet up with us and we stayed together for about a week. Our clans got along swimmingly. Here's a preview of what we did.
Happy Hour at the condo

Climbed the Lighthouse tower

Played in the water

Picked up slimy creatures

Got our nails done

Crabbed and frolicked
Dined on 5-courses chez Olivier

Found religion

Made new friends

Said goodbye, family style

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Baking

On the first day of Christmas break in Montana, I baked enough for an army. I wasn't in the mood before our trip because I had too much work to do. Now that I can breathe freely, I'm working on 12 days of baking.

Day 1: Fudge. I love Betty Crocker's recipe, by the way. One tip: swap out two ounces of sweetened chocolate and add unsweetened. With so much sugary condensed milk, I bet you can offset some of that sweetness and make it rich in chocolate flavor. Also, the higher quality the chocolate... well, you know. The yummier.

Day 2: Blondies. I alter every recipe I find. I didn't like the Food Network's recipe. Too complicated. So I stuck to Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, adding nuts, coconut and oats, and threw it in a glass pan.

Day 3: Mexican Wedding Cakes. Not only did I enjoy the Food Network recipe, my 3-year old watched the video about three times.

Day 4: Sugar cookies. Dare I publish Liz's family recipe? Here's a picture... :)

Day 5: Benny Grimms. These are chocolate balls, with maraschino cherries in the middle, and rolled in coconut. They are probably called something like coconut cherry balls, but an old family friend (before my time), used to eat all of these chocolate balls, so it's named after him. Oh wait, I just googled it and this is the closest I could find online to the recipe -- at Cooks.

Day 6: Peanut Brittle. Well, mom did this one, not me. Too sticky! But scrumptious, nonetheless. Not sure of her source, but I'll share once I find it.

Day 7: Lemon bars. Another mom treat. Her recipe is an old one and they are the best, bar none. And well, it's sort of a family secret... unless I've already shared it? Hmm...

Day 8: Okay, I have five more days and need to get busy. So I'm open to suggestions for the next five days. Help!
Dad just chimed in with a request for oatmeal raisin cookies. :)