Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's 2013

It's 2013 and I'm still thinking about sending out Christmas cards. Maybe if I start now, I'll get them done by next December!

This was a low-key holiday for us. Family was scattered, with at least four who were sick with a flu of sorts. I still got the decorations out and filled the house with Christmas, took my eldest to the Nutcracker and baked up a storm with both kids.

Here's the year summed up with three of my favorite things.

1. Baking (or receiving baked bread).
2. Family chaos.
3. Travel (especially where there's sunshine).

I hope you had a fantastic end to 2012 and an even better start to the new year!

Lee's Fruit Bread, (figs, dates and nuts) wrapped in cheese cloth and soaked in rum before fermenting for 2 weeks at room temp.

E on a boat in Chelan

Me and the Goof Goof

L in her new hat

Peanut butter balls. Yes!

Band-aid nosed L with daddy

More baking!


CindyB said...

Short and sweet. Perfect. Your girls are so adorable! Those peanut butter balls look yummy. We baked those when I was growing up in Ohio. There they call them buckeyes.

ChezOlivier said...

I never heard them called buckeyes! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. xoxo

Christine said...

Love, love, love. Thank YOU, so much, for shamelessly promoting your beautiful family...I get too wrapped up in my own little world to remember how much I MISS YOU!! Sheesh, way too long. Edi loved seeing the pics of Elle. Will most definitely call soon, you crazy talented woman. :) Meanwhile, keep on keepin' on....

Nadia Al-Alawi said...

Thank you for sharing!! I love the photos. XXX