Monday, January 21, 2013

Funny Expressions

"Mom, I made a wish that everyone would love me tonight", says E. "Really? And what does that mean, exactly?", I ask. "You know. That my family is nice to me and loves me with all their heart".

E asks L to look at her wrinkly hand after bath time. L tries to lick her hand. E giggles and giggles that L doesn't understand the difference between "look" and "lick".

Sadly on November 19, 2012, L stopped saying "MO" for no. She now says (or yells) no.

L still spits when you ask her to spin in a circle. Although she also spins.

Every night L asks "Yaya go? Papa go?" (referring to my parents).

And... L still screams to have Yaya when she's p'd off at me!

In other words, they are two major monkeys.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paris at home

Since we couldn't live in Paris and drink café au lait daily at some quaint Parisienne boulangerie whilst munching on flaky pastry... (and gaining about 20 lbs), we have brought a taste of Paris to Seattle.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's 2013

It's 2013 and I'm still thinking about sending out Christmas cards. Maybe if I start now, I'll get them done by next December!

This was a low-key holiday for us. Family was scattered, with at least four who were sick with a flu of sorts. I still got the decorations out and filled the house with Christmas, took my eldest to the Nutcracker and baked up a storm with both kids.

Here's the year summed up with three of my favorite things.

1. Baking (or receiving baked bread).
2. Family chaos.
3. Travel (especially where there's sunshine).

I hope you had a fantastic end to 2012 and an even better start to the new year!

Lee's Fruit Bread, (figs, dates and nuts) wrapped in cheese cloth and soaked in rum before fermenting for 2 weeks at room temp.

E on a boat in Chelan

Me and the Goof Goof

L in her new hat

Peanut butter balls. Yes!

Band-aid nosed L with daddy

More baking!