Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dining Chez Olivier (the premier)

French is a funny language. I, of course, think all things French are fanciful, flavorful, flamboyant and filled with fervor. Some friends, who don't understand a lick of francais, accuse the French of swallowing entire syllables when they speak.

We dined at the First or "premier" Olivier - as in, dad-in-law, and man was it like being on a cooking show. He is so charming, you feel like you are speaking to a French brand.
Then there is his stylized food. He puts it together with such ease, you'd think the cameras were hidden behind the paintings of Van Gogh and Macke on his walls.

Oh, and did I mention the decor? I felt like I was still in Paris, with the whole clan, speaking Freeench. Weee weee. We enjoyed a "light" meal of Lamb, Scalloped potatoes and bell pepper salad. It was spectacular. (The wine was fabulous, too. I forgot to take a picture...but, I think it had "Olivier" in the name!)

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