Saturday, January 7, 2012


I just got the first Anthropologie catalog for 2012 and it said "Renewal" on the cover and featured a beautiful, young, vibrant woman surrounded by nature. Her hair is blowing in the wind, she's wearing tight fitting capri's and a grey knit sweater.
She embodies everything to me that doesn't need renewal. She's young - doesn't need new boosts of collagen to appear more youthful. She looks well rested, NOT sleep deprived and in need of caffeine in copious amounts. AND, judging from her figure, she doesn't have an addiction to chocolate.

Yet the entire setting is so believable, I suppose we'd all like to renew ourselves by shopping at Anthropologie if we can believe we'd feel as good as she looks.

Having just endured a third night in a row of little sleep to the point where 7:00 a.m. is a painful wake up time, I've done what every frazzled mom would do. Find ways to cope. I had to get Elle ready to walk to ballet, drive Lily to the pediatrician and Paul left early for a regatta so it was a solo-deal for me. I have had 5 shots of espresso and about five chocolate kisses + 1 kinder schokolade (from Torsten) and 1 Emergen-C to ensure I don't get sick. Perfect diet of champions, especially for those of us who need about 24 hours of solid sleep to rejuvenate.

In order to survive this year, I have not made any new years resolutions to add extra pressure. However, I hope my 1-year old has made hers – to sleep through the night for the next 11 3/4 months.
Rejuvenating - Sleep!

Then I'll finally look like new, talk like new, and might even try to be a yummie mummie for my 2013 resolution!


kevan said...

But she looks so sweet!

ChezOlivier said...

Yes, sleeping babies are angels! Wake 'em up and the chase begins!