Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My little Lady Bird, the 4-year old, comes pattering into my room one morning at some ungodly hour to snuggle. She nestles in close to me and then says, I brought my bunny to snuggle wif' us. I named her Valentine, cuz she has a heart on. I tried not to laugh because she is at that stage where she is extremely sensitive to ANYONE laughing at her. So I asked her to repeat it. Why did you name her Valentine? Because, she says, she has a heart on her. Oh, I say. A heart on her. (On her tummy, to be precise).
Lady Bird with Cujo
This evening, she earned two smiley face stickers on her chart for sharing her leap frog game with her sister. After adding her stickers, she asked for her pencil to write her "support". I watched her as she began to scribble a couple of lines with her pencil on her chart within the small box just above the sticker. That's her support. I have no idea what she thinks it means, but I believe she says it because it sounds important!

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