Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Year's Perspective...The Value of Time

Now that another paper calendar (from Allstate Insurance) is recycled, and the new one is pinned on our kitchen door, I have some reflections on the Olivier journey through time, and the value of family, friends and good health.

1. As I reflect back on mom-hood these past four years, even at 40+ (yes, I am over 40), there are times I still want my mommy. Although the quantity, or how often I am needing mom changes, the level of "need" is still as strong. And she is thankfully here. I can only hope I'm around at least another 40 years when my daughters want their mommy, too.
2. Being a daddy's girl, I watch my girls bond with their dad with great affection and admiration. Paul is such an attentive and loving father. I can still appreciate events past and present with my father, who is also thankfully in my life. Paul better eat boku burgers from now on for another 40+ years as well!
3. Although retail therapy brings great joy, or indulging in good wine and chocolate, true happiness begins with good health - both mentally and physically (which will happen after our last year of NO SLEEP, we hope), and continues with family, friends and of course, our pets contributing to the meaning of our lives. As long as there are loved ones like you (within my circle of trust) and warm shelter (and good food), the rest has little value. (Yes, that means things like Glee and my iPhone).

Although this is my personal journal of adventure, in many ways, my blog is a tribute to all of you out there, my friends and family, without whom life wouldn't be an adventure. Thank you for being an important part of our lives.
Happy 2012 from our Family of Monkeys!

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