Monday, December 5, 2011

French or Chinese?

My daughter is learning French at the very young age of 4 and she now believes she can speak other languages including German, Spanish, "Jewish" and Chinese fluently. Why? Just because she's 4 and, at that age, they still believe they are the best at everything. Although, not everyone out-grows this philosophy.

Tonight she asked me if we could play restaurant. So I said yes and she took my food order. To be funny, I ordered "poop cookies" (which are the animal cookies from Safeway and were incentives for her to go #2 in the potty). These are now their branded name in our household. My "fluent in Chinese" waitress told me that poop cookie in Chinese is Clish. She left and went to her kitchen, then came back to give me pretend "clish".

Next on the menu? Poop-things (Another incentive, tic tacs, which she pronounces poop-sings).

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