Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Steel or Magnum?

Parenting has it's joys AND challenges. Especially when you have dark circles under your eyes from sleepless nights due to nights of gas or night mares or... who knows why they won't go to sleep.

But here's the beauty of 4. One book on childhood development says that my child is so happy to communicate at this age, that she will be testing all of the boundaries and will become extremely difficult. Great. The book further explains that I'm supposed to embrace it, not fight it, in order to make MY life easier. Yeah, right. I get the pouty look, fainting princess frown and scrunched face when Ms. obstinant is working me over. And my least favorite is when she mirrors what I say and scolds ME with a consequence in response to my warning.

The baby can't express herself so we have another host of issues (mostly in the form of emotional bursts when things don't go her way). Her latest expression reminds me of Ben Stiller in Zoolander - but I can't recall if it's Blue Steel or Magnum. Anyone?

Sometimes BEFORE she does something questionable, she looks at me and frowns, expecting me to say no or grab her before she puts herself in danger.
The looks are priceless and, although it's a daily double on attitude, boy are these two monkeys (well, one monkey and one lady-bug, I'm told) adorable.

Just one more book, pleasssse?

Don't you dare take my toothbrush.

Blue Steel Expression (Zoolander)

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The Mom Quiz said...

How could you possibly say no to The Dumpster Diver?! (And: a child who fiercely guards her toothbrush? No cavities in her future!!)