Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Year's Perspective...The Value of Time

Now that another paper calendar (from Allstate Insurance) is recycled, and the new one is pinned on our kitchen door, I have some reflections on the Olivier journey through time, and the value of family, friends and good health.

1. As I reflect back on mom-hood these past four years, even at 40+ (yes, I am over 40), there are times I still want my mommy. Although the quantity, or how often I am needing mom changes, the level of "need" is still as strong. And she is thankfully here. I can only hope I'm around at least another 40 years when my daughters want their mommy, too.
2. Being a daddy's girl, I watch my girls bond with their dad with great affection and admiration. Paul is such an attentive and loving father. I can still appreciate events past and present with my father, who is also thankfully in my life. Paul better eat boku burgers from now on for another 40+ years as well!
3. Although retail therapy brings great joy, or indulging in good wine and chocolate, true happiness begins with good health - both mentally and physically (which will happen after our last year of NO SLEEP, we hope), and continues with family, friends and of course, our pets contributing to the meaning of our lives. As long as there are loved ones like you (within my circle of trust) and warm shelter (and good food), the rest has little value. (Yes, that means things like Glee and my iPhone).

Although this is my personal journal of adventure, in many ways, my blog is a tribute to all of you out there, my friends and family, without whom life wouldn't be an adventure. Thank you for being an important part of our lives.
Happy 2012 from our Family of Monkeys!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Steel or Magnum?

Parenting has it's joys AND challenges. Especially when you have dark circles under your eyes from sleepless nights due to nights of gas or night mares or... who knows why they won't go to sleep.

But here's the beauty of 4. One book on childhood development says that my child is so happy to communicate at this age, that she will be testing all of the boundaries and will become extremely difficult. Great. The book further explains that I'm supposed to embrace it, not fight it, in order to make MY life easier. Yeah, right. I get the pouty look, fainting princess frown and scrunched face when Ms. obstinant is working me over. And my least favorite is when she mirrors what I say and scolds ME with a consequence in response to my warning.

The baby can't express herself so we have another host of issues (mostly in the form of emotional bursts when things don't go her way). Her latest expression reminds me of Ben Stiller in Zoolander - but I can't recall if it's Blue Steel or Magnum. Anyone?

Sometimes BEFORE she does something questionable, she looks at me and frowns, expecting me to say no or grab her before she puts herself in danger.
The looks are priceless and, although it's a daily double on attitude, boy are these two monkeys (well, one monkey and one lady-bug, I'm told) adorable.

Just one more book, pleasssse?

Don't you dare take my toothbrush.

Blue Steel Expression (Zoolander)

Monday, December 5, 2011

French or Chinese?

My daughter is learning French at the very young age of 4 and she now believes she can speak other languages including German, Spanish, "Jewish" and Chinese fluently. Why? Just because she's 4 and, at that age, they still believe they are the best at everything. Although, not everyone out-grows this philosophy.

Tonight she asked me if we could play restaurant. So I said yes and she took my food order. To be funny, I ordered "poop cookies" (which are the animal cookies from Safeway and were incentives for her to go #2 in the potty). These are now their branded name in our household. My "fluent in Chinese" waitress told me that poop cookie in Chinese is Clish. She left and went to her kitchen, then came back to give me pretend "clish".

Next on the menu? Poop-things (Another incentive, tic tacs, which she pronounces poop-sings).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Have You Ever Re-rolled Toilet Paper?

Well, it only took 3 minutes. Paul was wagering it would take me hours. And then I began to roll faster and he changed his estimate to 7 minutes. But I did it in 3. 
I guess our 4-year old was being naughty. It's normally the 1-year old that grabs the first sheet of toilet paper and just tugs and tugs with a big smile. Lately, big sister is vying for attention and emulates baby sister's bad habits!

The net result?
Good as new!