Monday, November 28, 2011

Shrinking My Sweaters

Well, you can guess from the title, that there's a story here. I don't have a lot of sweaters, and the few I have I wear with pride. This story is about two sweaters, both gifts from Paul and both from Anthropologie. It was about 2 days ago when Paul held up my favorite blue hooded sweater and looked at me. He had a serious look but when I grinned and said "on no", he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
From size M women's to size 4 toddler's...
You see, wool doesn't dry without shrinking. My daughter said, "mama, it's like a shrinky dink. Right mama?" We had just finished an art project consisting of shrinky dinks, and so she was now a pro.
Well, yes, I guess it was. My favorite wool sweater now fits my 4 year old. So, I told her, she got a brand new sweater. But I said it with a somber voice. Suddenly, my emotional little girl just started crying because she was sad for me. She was consoling me in between sobs, but I began to really console her and tell her not to be sad for me.
After all, it happened two years ago, too! Paul felt so bad, he bought me another one. So now I need to find another blue one!
Now we have twin sweaters, my eldest daughter and I!

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janet wong said...

I think you need to buy two identical (distinctive) sweaters at an after-Christmas sale and do the Shrinky Dink on one of them so that you have another mother-daughter pair. SO cute! Paul should be hugged and applauded!

By the way, I just read two terrific crafts books by Susan Wasinger that have me inspired. You know I'm not exactly handy/crafty; these were gifts. Anyway, there are things you can do with that little sweater after Elle and Lily have outgrown it. SEWN BY HAND shows a funky pilot hat made from shrunken sweaters; ECO-CRAFT shows a bathroom rug. Try it (next year)!