Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monkey Business

Monkey 2
I had an absolutely hilarious moment I thought I'd write about. Although one part of it is sort of embarrassing, it's pretty funny.

Here goes the TMI: My morning ritual begins with Monkey 1 pattering into our room between 6 and 7, and either Paul or I getting Monkey 2 in her room. Meanwhile, I get followed into the bathroom by one dog and two kids. Our sliding door is always open and I can watch Lily when she's stumbling along. Usually I play peek a boo and she comes toward me with a big smile. This time I was taking a little longer and kept peeking around the doorway, but I realized she wasn't right outside. She was at my night table but now walking, no running toward me with my large full glass of water in her little pudgy hand. Her little fingers barely held on to the rim and she was so proud of herself as she was trying to run, teetering and smiling at me. I was up and off the toilet so fast, racing toward her in what felt like slow motion, and just barely got to the glass before it spilled all over the floor. She just smiled somemore and was off looking to grab the next thing.


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