Friday, October 21, 2011

Living in a Zoo (or Circus)

Sweet Pea in the Kitchen. We had to move the dog bowls...
Every day in the Olivier household holds adventure. Whether we are all madly rushing around to leave the house in the morning to get to school and work or we are rushing around at dinner time to get the cranky girls fed, there is 'never a dull moment'. I have a theme song that ties back to the multitude of people and animals in our house. Our dog and two cats fuel our chaos. "We live in a zoo, zoo, zoo. We live in a zoo, zoo, zoo." And so on.  (Sing to the chorus of Addams Family tune).
In August we were hosting four Germans (Garth, one of my best friends, is actually American but he has now lived in Germany longer so I think he counts there, too!) and spending time enjoying the sites and sounds of the market (Pike Place). After indulging in Jack's Fish and Chips which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, we took our oldest to get some balloons. It was a long day and we were tired by the end. But now we have these cherished images to enjoy our zoo - and circus - life.


Linda said...

Oh my goodness, they are growing like weeds...beautiful gorgeous ones.

Anonymous said...

Nice color coordination! They are soooooo cute!
Ours are coordinated in Black. It will be really hard to see in the dark,

I hope it does not rain tonight. My friends will take my kids to Trick or Treat tonight☺