Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flying Squirrel

It's just pizza, so how adventurous is it for a night out?  Well, that may be true, but the fact that it was girl's night out made up for the venue AND we were erring on the side of "cheaper" eats (although it's not quite in the "cheap eats" category). 
Glenna, Les, Liz and I were deciding between Tutta Bella and Flying Squirrel. We all love Tutta Bella so it's an easy decision, but Liz suggested trying this new pizza place in Maple Leaf. The service started out a little slow, but once they took our order for a pitcher of Kolsch and Anti Pasti, we were well on our way with good conversation and good food.  The pizzas were delicious, and my preference was the fig, goat cheese, prosciutto and arugula... Mucho bene, grazie.

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