Monday, October 10, 2011

Craft Night

Eliana, my friend and neighbor, invited me and my mom to a Mosaic party.  At first I was sort of dreading it.  I was thinking of about 20 other things I'd rather be doing when nodding my head in agreement to attend the event.  But I thought about mom and how much she might enjoy it, and so I started talking myself into it.  And then we drew names last weekend for our annual family Christmas home-made gift exchange (which we celebrate during Thanksgiving) and I drew Rick's name. I was imagining a fish-themed stepping stone or something either he would absolutely love or that his dog would just pee on.

Thankfully for him, I gave up on that idea when Laura, the host, told me the wood mosaics could not be stepping stones. So I chose to make something for my eldest daughter since she would appreciate it more than Lil'. 

Mom's mosaic masterpiece
I had to rummage around a few children's books before deciding on a giraffe
Eliana brought a halloween themed picture (a scary house). Mom knew immediately that she wanted to make a bird. We were all thrilled with our mosaics, (and the prosecco)! Upon our return around 9 pm, Paul offered mom and me some of his home-made yummy potstickers prior to cooking up a pot roast at 10 pm. 

Paul's gourmet masterpiece
Paul decides to make Pot Roast at 10 pm
What a fabulous and adventurous evening.

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