Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Rituals

As cliché as this sounds, human beings are creatures of habit. This fact is punctuated by my 11 month old when she plays a new game with me in her crib at bedtime. She starts by looking straight at me above the crib gate, then she bends down and peeks at me through the jail bars of the crib and smiles or giggles. Then it starts again. We are defined by our rituals to varying degrees (although these rituals are less and less appreciated over time because they are more of a necessity). Work schedules, workout schedules, feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, and for some of us who have more time or who simply make more time (because maybe they are way more organized than I am), there are additional hobbies like golf, volunteering, or even sewing, knitting, cooking or going to city council meetings! But one ritual I really appreciate with my family is weekend breakfast.
Although I used to savor a simple cuppa with my face buried in a newspaper, it never felt as rewarding as a chaotic morning does now chez Olivier. When Paul is frying up bacon, I can't resist. Bacon really is the gateway meat.
And whoa I love me some good pancakes, especially Paul's French Pancake Recipe from A Taste of Oregon cookbook (a wedding gift from Julie Vincent 12 years ago this month). If you want that recipe, with even just one request, I'll post it!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Are the Green Bits?

Mom is here. You can tell because the house becomes wonderfully transformed. The kitchen is filled with desserts. She absolutely had to bake zucchini dessert and zucchini bread.
This dessert came from catholic nuns.
Ironically, neither the bread nor the dessert looks much like zucchini. She shaves off all of the green so the textured look from dark green peel is missing. And yet...the taste is so, so, so amazing. One bite and you stop looking for the green bits. You just close your eyes and smile.