Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sleepless in North Seattle

I have two beautiful daughters. Absolutely the light of our lives.

And yet I am so very sleep deprived, there are days I can hardly think beyond the perfunctory. Wake up, drink coffee. Get dressed, drink coffee. Change diapers, dress and feed children, and maybe one more espresso for the road en route to school drop off and work? It is no wonder working parents cannot keep up with the news, or put much thought into which local or state initiatives really matter to their families. That is why, when I do get involved in an event, I need to care enough about it.
Seattle BioMed is one of those "causes". I was so very touched by the event my husband and I attended at Seattle BioMed's Passport Event, and thrilled to see the work they are doing. Selfishly I felt the glowing pride of a "mother" who also helped to define the new brand personality of their organization. The birth of a 30 year old organization who has spread its wings, or the birth of our baby and toddler who have yet to really define their place in this world... I guess there are so many things that matter, and it is so very hard to prioritize it all. But I feel the rewards far far outweigh the sleepless nights.

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