Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee and China

Most of us drink tea in our fine China, or we drink tea when traveling in China. In this case, I was drinking coffee (there is an ongoing theme of sleep deprived mama) while HEARING someone speak about China! I was at an APCO sponsored breakfast talk at an ungodly hour (like 7:00 a.m.) which featured good coffee and guest speaker James McGregor, an expert on China relations. This gathering was for the Seattle business community to learn and discuss how to effectively do business in China. James McGregor was both entertaining and compelling. At times, even depressing when he mentioned some very real problems with both the Chinese Government and the U.S. Government. But he might have been foreshadowing the recent Presidential nominee when he was giving glowing reviews about the former ambassador to China - Jon Huntsman. James seemed invincible when expressing his admiration and respect for someone who would be an incredible loss in his role as ambassador, and in the same breath he exclaimed "Jon is truly a class-act. He is presidential material". I'm probably not stating his exact words, but you get the picture. This event took place on April 26. Fast forward to earlier this week when Huntsman, officially announced his candidacy for the Republican party. Coffee talk turned presidential candidacy, now that's some breakfast!

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