Friday, April 15, 2011

Eating for the very first time

Food. It's one syllable that is always on my mind. Like that first time, if I could remember, when I had a spoon shoved into my mouth at the age of 6 months. I watch it on my daughter's face. She is happy and almost pants with excitement at the thought of those seaweed green colored mushy (one syllable) peas - in a jar. Imagine how low our proverbial bar begins, from breast milk to formula to mush.
But I am a foodie and so it DOES matter whether it's good or bad mush. And now, my new mission, on the subject of one syllable words relating to food, is to find all one-syllable restaurants [starting in Seattle], and trying one restaurant a month in 2011. I'd say one per week, but with two children, it's highly unlikely we'll get out and enjoy eating when the restaurateur is giving us dirty looks for the loud company. So we'll need to proceed with caution, and find babysitters! This was, just to set the record straight, my New Year's resolution back in 2007. Or maybe it was 2008. But since our first child was born before the new year of 2008, we managed to eat at one restaurant that fateful year - Crush. So we'll begin anew, as of April, 2011.

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Linda said...

Now there's an idea with which I can get onboard!! If you need a dining companion or a babysitter, holler! I'll be delighted to put on either hat.