Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Neighborhood Restaurant - Tutta Bella

There is nothing like the friendly neighborhood outing, giving us a feeling of 'small town' within a city. Tonight was girls night for four tired career women (minus one who had to cancel an hour before our reunion to go back into the office, thereby forgoing the wine and whine) when we rendezvous one Thursday a month. Usually Glenna chooses the fare but we try to rotate with different ideas about what and where. Glenna chose the location before canceling. The evening started out with excellent service. The waiter was absolutely enthusiastic resulting in adorable. He reminded me of the small gregarious restaurant owner who loved food so much and indulged in his ability to welcome you into his "home". As if that wasn't enough to start out a perfect evening, I recognized Eric, whom Liz informed me is their restaurant manager. Now we were really treated like queens. It is the ultimate "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" experience when you are greeted with a hug and know you'll get special treatment even if you're not a regular. Tiramsu magically appeared on our table with three spoons, and when it came time for the bill, it was apparent that Eric was looking after us in that department as well. Two words: tip big. So we did. Thank you friends at Tutta Bella!

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